Montréal is the second largest French-Speaking city in the world. Pictured above, Montreal's City Hall towers above Place Jacques Cartier on a summer's eve.

We have been bringing students and teachers of French (tens of thousands of them) on educational tours to Montréal, since 1986, and we daresay that virtually all of them returned to their homes across the United States and Canada with lifelong memories, and highly motivated to continue their studies of French.

Often referred to as the Paris of North America, because of its distinctly Parisian lifestyle and ambience, Montréal is the second largest French-speaking city in the world, and is well known as one of the most uniquely interesting cities on the continent.

Its centuries-old stone buildings and narrow streets of Old Montréal, where such diverse personages as Charles Dickens and Benjamin Franklin once lived, are juxtaposed with the world-famous Underground City (la ville souterraine), a 39-kilometer network of underground shops and passageways. Moreover, every visitor to Montréal is struck by the natural friendliness of its people, a distinctly Canadian characteristic. Ask anyone who has ever been there!

All of our Montréal educational tour itineraries provide ample time for students to read, listen to, and speak French with native francophones, from the moment they arrive at the airport or train station. If your group will be arriving by bus, the experience begins at the Quebec border where signage, by law, must be predominantly French. And, our experienced, bilingual, native francophone guides will be happy to conduct your trip in all French, all English or any combination of the two.

Like Québec City, Montréal is at the same time, palpably European and distinctly Canadian. Students on our trips see and experience both the old and the new, including Place Montréal Trust, “le coeur de Montréal” and gateway to the Montréal Underground, as well as Notre Dame Basilica, the “Jewel of Montréal” and quite possibly the most beautiful church in all the Americas. A walk through the narrow streets of Old Montréal is the closest thing in North America to a walk through Paris.

Our approach to teaching French rests on the premise that unless your students are fascinated with the people, history and culture of the French speaking world on some level, they won’t stay interested in studying the language in the long run. If our theory is valid, Montréal is a wonderful place to be captivated.

Finally, if your students are like those in dozens and dozens of communities whose teachers have taken them on educational tours to Québec, they will return to school with tales to tell their younger friends and younger brothers and sisters, and those siblings and friends will be clamoring to enroll in our French classes in future years. Literally dozens and dozens of our clients tell us that the stable or growing enrollments in their French classes at least in part to their annual trips to Québec City.

Our Mission: To keep the study of French fun, interesting and relevant, by keeping high-quality, pedagogically significant French immersion field trips within the reach of every deserving student.

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