French On Location

Above, an aerial view of Québec City’s historic Château Frontenac, and from left to right below, Québec City’s Place Royale, Montréal’s City Hall towering over Place Jacques Cartier, and a view Notre Dame de Paris from the Seine.

Click on the images below for nice, 360 degree views of these French-speaking cities.

It is no secret that off-site field trips, led by teachers who can connect what they’re teaching in the classroom to what is happening the real world, can really motivate and inspire students of foreign languages.

The basic premise for these trips is that unless students become interested early, in the people and culture and history of the places where the languages they are studying are spoken, few will continue studying the language in the long run for the sheer joy of learning vocabulary and conjugating verbs!

But, trying to teach French without real-world experiences is like trying to teach chemistry without a Bunsen Burner, or cooking without a stove … nobody would ever dream of teaching chemistry or cooking this way.

Seeing is believing, and listening to and speaking, and understanding and being understood in French, in the real world, is believing too.

Our Mission: To keep the study of French fun, interesting and relevant, by keeping high-quality, pedagogically significant French immersion field trips within the reach of every deserving student.

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